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¿Who are part of this entrepreneurship?

Irupana Andean Organic Food SRL is made up by two development partners: Javier Hurtado Mercado PHD in Sociology, specialist in rural issues, in the market and organic production in Bolivia and Martha Cordero Llanos, pedagogue, specialist in nutrition and feeding of Andean peoples in Bolivia. Together, we have 63.75% of the stock shares. Our financial partners are SOLYDES Foundation, Social Investment Fund [Fondo de Inversión Socia]and PRO CREDITO.

Both have the other 36,25% of the shares. In 2009, Irupana decided to transform itself into a holding of 2 companies with a social branch: National market: INDUSTRIAS ALIMENTICIAS DE IRUPANA.S.A. Export Company: IRUPANA ANDEAN ORGANIC FOOD S.A. BARTOLINA SISA INSTITUTE for the development of the PROVIDERS PROGRAM. At the company we have a middle level staff made up by area chiefs which constitutes an agile and executive work team.

ORGANIGRAM WITH PHOTOS: There are departments for marketing, production and bakery, warehouses, administration and maintenance. At present we are a total of 110 workers.