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Opportunity For Life.

Prenatal Subsidy

Irupana Andean Organic Food S.A. It is a provider of Prenatal and Breastfeeding Subsidy since 2013 and the Universal Grant for life since 2017, presenting a growth in our participation in the provision nationwide.

The first product delivered was the Instant Cereal Refreshment, later we ventured with the Nutritional Bars of cereals and are currently suppliers of the following products: Organic Amaranth in grain, Pito de Cañahua, Cereal Bars and Dry Bean.

Universal Subsidy

It is important to mention the raw materials of the Subsidy products come from organic producers of different ecological floors of our Bolivia, promoting consumption we benefit the economic income of small farmers and also benefit the health of the family of pregnant mothers and children in the period of increase.

We rescue the high nutritional contribution of all our products because of its high content of protein, calcium, iron and phosphorus, nutrients required by mothers during pregnancy and lactation.

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