Irupana Andean Organic Food S.A.

It is a business model that starts from peasant raw material, from small producers, industrializes them by giving them modern forms maintaining their natural quality and highlighting their nutritional property. In 32 years of being present in the market, it has managed to put itself on the shelves of stores and supermarkets as high quality products. Irupana has also returned to rural areas with products made through the School Breakfast and Breastfeeding Grant programs, as a way of giving back to the peasant brothers their transformed, rich, nutritionally improved and easy-to-eat product.
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Industry specialized in the production of healthy foods, with permanent innovation and adoption of appropriate technology, respecting nature and contributing to Bolivia's food security.


To be a leading company in Bolivia and a world leader in the production of healthy Andean foods.


Bolivia as a privileged scenario for organic production.

Bolivia is a very important scenario to describe and take into account as it is a country that fits almost all the diversity of climates and resources of the planet and is, at the same time, the habitat of a cultural diversity of peoples.
Bolivia is located under the line of Ecuador, in the semi-torrid zone of the planet, this geographical situation combined with a highly mountainous formation produces a unique agroecological phenomenon in the world; every 200 meters high there is a peculiar microclimate or ecological niche.
In one million one hundred thousand square kilometers are settled more than 35 nationalities and ethnic groups with their own languages ​​and customs, however today in the 21st century the majority population is already mestizo, a mixture of all the bloods and cultures that inhabit the region . All together they make up a population of nine million inhabitants, which is insufficient to inhabit and take advantage of the entire geography and natural resources of the national territory. In this part of the world, the human being thought like other peoples that nature and the entire planet La Pachamama is a living being, intelligent and with feelings and of which both he, his family and the community were part. Life taught him that he could not dominate or exploit nature and that life was viable and sustainable only in harmony and reciprocity among human beings, with animals, mountains, water and the Universe.

Principles And Policies

“IRUPANA ANDEAN ORGANIC FOOD SA, leading company in the processing and marketing of grains and derivatives of quinoa, cañahua, amaranth and others, has the purpose of reaching levels of excellence of quality and safety through the development, communication, implementation and continuous improvement of our Integrated Management System in compliance with the legal, environmental, labor and food safety requirements in force in the Plurinational State of Bolivia, as well as the requirements and procedures of the national and International Organic Certification, Quality, Safety and Social Responsibility standards that are within our Integrated Management System to meet the requirements of our customers and contribute to the reproduction of the nature and well-being of our suppliers, workers and partners.



Irupana achievements in these 34 years of history are many and have to do with being pioneers in the natural products market, putting products such as Andean cereals on the supermarket shelf, available for consumption in initially traditional forms and evolving to produce more and more elaborate products.
In 1992 Irupana received the first prize of the National Fair of Small Industry and Crafts. This first prize made Irupana visible to banking institutions and also to the market, which was smaller at the time.

The participation of Irupana in state programs such as School Breakfasts and Breastfeeding Subsidy, also constitutes an achievement and recognition of our many years of work to promote the participation of local productive chains with nutritional, natural and national quality in these Programs.
All these efforts were concretized in the awarding of prizes such as participation for 3 years in the World Economic Forum that takes place in Davos, Switzerland.


Javier Hurtado with businessmen from around the world in the world economic forum